NuPhy Air60

Portable mechanical keyboard

MacBook’s keyboard is mediocre when it comes to typing sounds because it is not a mechanical keyboard. When I film a coding video somewhere with my MacBook, I wanted to improve the sounds while keeping the clean setup. Then, I came across NuPhy Air60, a wireless mechanical keyboard.


As you can see, it can be placed on top of the MacBook keyboard. Pretty neat. I chose brown switches and the typing sounds are terrific as expected.

One issue I’ve got is that it doesn’t have a separate key for tilde(~) & backtick(`). It is bound with the Escape key. So, you have to hold down FN key to input tilde/backtick. That’s kind of annoying when coding, especially JavaScript because you often input backticks for template strings.

Another issue is that the right shift key width is only half for making space for the up arrow key. That would sometimes cause me to unexpectedly press the up arrow key.


That being said, its portability with wireless support is so useful. I enjoy using it on my iPad Pro.