Laptop stand

I had been using a laptop stand by an unknown manufacturer for my M1 MacBook Pro, but it wasn’t very comfortable as it didn’t elevate the laptop to a sufficient height. When I upgraded to a new M2 MacBook Pro, I decided to try a different laptop stand called Majextand, which has received many positive reviews on YouTube in Japan.


Designed based on ergonomics, the Majextand not only protects the cervical spine during use but also promotes better heat dissipation for the laptop. Unlike conventional stands, which are often bulky and inconvenient for daily use, the Majextand is slim, lightweight, and user-friendly. It can raise the laptop between 7cm and 12cm, with 6 adjustable height settings to suit various situations, such as typing, watching videos, or aligning the laptop with an external display.



The Majextand is incredibly thin, measuring only 1.7mm—thinner than a 25-cent coin—making it barely noticeable when attached to the laptop. This ultra-slim design ensures that carrying your laptop with the Majextand attached won’t be a burden.


At first, I was concerned that the stand might be too high, but that hasn’t been an issue. I typically use it at the 7cm setting for typing and other tasks, but sometimes switch to the 12cm height for a better viewing angle when watching videos or connecting to an external display.


Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the Majextand. Its ergonomic design, versatility, and slim profile make it an ideal laptop stand for daily use, and I recommend it to anyone seeking a comfortable, stylish, and practical solution for their laptop.