I’ve been searching for cabinets but couldn’t find good articles or videos that primarily cover the storage in their desk setup. Since my work room is tiny, like 8.6m2, I needed a wide yet thin cabinet that wouldn’t take up too much space. Then, I came across IKEA’s BROR, which is a workbench with drawers.

The size is: 85x40x89 cm

It is ideal for the room.

I saw another lack has rollers:

I wanted rollers for my cabinet but it turns out it’s impossible to attach rollers, unfortunately. Roller attachments would help me clean up the room. But I’m happy with the quality and design.


It slides very smoothly. The top panel is simple plywood, not varnished. It’d be nice to paint it later.


The shelves cannot be fully pulled, so it is kind of difficult to access items placed at the back. But it’s pretty good quality, overall.